Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Recently I came home with a mirror I found at the thrift store for Lily’s room.  She was horrified that I had bought it for her room. However, after giving it a face lift she was very pleased.

Zebra mirror

I spent a whopping $2.49 on the mirror. It was hand painted with flowers, the back was even signed.  I’m sure it looked lovely in someone’s home at one time, but it seems a little out dated and did not belong in a pre-teen’s room.

The first step was to protect the glass. I used some blue painter’s tape, I was able to slide a small amount under the frame all around the glass.

Next, I took my electric sander to the front.  I was able to rough up the paint just a little. My objective was not to remove all the paint, but rather to smooth out the surface and remove the finish.

I then applied a coat of Kilz to the frame.  It blocked the darker colors from coming through the white paint.

After allowing two coats of white paint to dry, I grabbed some purple acrylic paint and a brush.

My daughter loved the new mirror for above her dresser.

It goes great with her personalized pillow and zebra bowl. 



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