Welcome to my blog. Thank you for stopping by. I would like to take a minute and introduce myself.

First, I am a Christ follower. No, I am not perfect, far from it. I just have a personal relationship with my creator and savior. But that is not the focus of this blog, but rather the foundation for every part of my life.

I have been married to my amazing husband, Jeffrey, for over 25 years. We have been blessed with two amazing children: Gary and Lily. Gary is currently serving in US Army.  I am so very proud of the sacrifices he is willing to make for our country.  Lily is currently in college and is planning on entering full time ministry. I am looking forward to seeing how God plans to use her life to impact others.  So this makes Jeffrey and I “empty nesters”.  

After 10 years in the financial industry, God allowed me to be able to leave the work place and stay home and raise my family. Initially, I thought it would be for a few years until they started school. But He had a bigger plan – for me to homeschool them. Our homeschool journey lasted for over 15 years, During that time I was a full time homemaker. 

In 2012 I began blogging.  As I grew, and my interests changed so did this blog.  In 2021, and at the height of the Covid pandemic, I needed to take a break and reprioritize my life.  In 2022 I relaunched.  The blog received a face lift and I changed host sites. I worked to bring over my old content, but lost all of the comments and my followers.  I am glad that you found me again.  

Like most women, I spend my days running from one project to the next – cooking, cleaning, working, knitting, crafting, quilting, home making…  Just like a bumblebee flies from flower to flower, gathering pollen, I go from project to project. This blog is my attempt to share with the world some of these projects.

I hope you will stay a while and check out the different areas of my blog. Please stop back regularly as there are always new “flowers” growing in my garden.

Momma B.

P.S. You can contact me at LifeOfMommaB@gmail.com


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