Summer 2019

Summer is almost over. It has been a crazy couple of months at my house.

First, my son graduated and enlisted in the Army. We are preparing for his last days at home as he prepares to head to basic training.  So I will soon be able to add the title Army Mom to my list of pseudo-names.  This title I will wear with great pride.  I am proud of my son and all he has accomplished.   I am proud that he wants to spend his life defending our freedoms.  While the mom in me is hesitant I am reminded of the words a missionary friend serving in the Middle East once said…

Better to be in what the world considers the most dangerous place in God’s will; than in what the world views as the safest place outside of His will

Next, my daughter and I headed to summer camp.  17 nights away from home was exhausting but we had a ball. I have lots of SWAPS to share and badge helps from the classes I taught that need to be written up.

I have had a little time to knit, but did not accomplish as much as I had hoped. But I did have the opportunity to take a Glass Craft Class.  I am completely in love with my new toys tools and can’t wait to be able to see what else I can create.  I will be sharing more about that soon.

But the sun still shines and tomorrow is a new day.

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Alamo the Armadillo

Meet Alamo the Armadillo.  My daughter named this guy Alamo, and since the armadillo is the state animal of Texas, it seemed fitting.

Continue reading

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AHG Badge Help – Social Skills and Etiquette #19

Many of us dislike – yes, loathe is a better word – having to speak in front of a group. Even though being in American Heritage Girls has helped me improve in this area, it can be nerve-wracking.

One of the requirements to earn the Social Skills and Etiquette badge at the PiPa level is to give a short speech. I am currently preparing to teach this badge at camp this summer. One challenge in teaching this at a summer camp is the lack of internet. I have developed a list of speech topics for the class that should not require any research. Continue reading

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A Bunny in my garden


Just in time for Easter, this little bunny has hopped off my knitting needles. Continue reading

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AHG Badge Help – Zoology #18

How does two ladies having tea in Boston in 1895 relate to a boy born in Haiti a little over 100 years before? All history is a web of seemingly unrelated events tied together in unexpected ways. Continue reading

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Berry Sweet


Even though it is March, and a little early for strawberry season to begin, I could not wait to share this darling little strawberry keychain with you. Continue reading

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Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t love tacos.  They can be made with just about anything – chicken, beef, heck even shrimp (you have got to check out this recipe for Shrimp tacos with strawberry mango salsa).  Since they can be eaten with your hands, they are adored by young and old alike. While tacos are yummy, I think I will skip tasting this one and just add my keys and toss it into my bag.  Continue reading

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