Pumpkin Bread

Today is officially the first day of fall.  Even though the kids are back to school, the weather has not turned cool (or at least not here in Texas).  To help get you in the fall mood, I want to share my mother’s pumpkin bread recipe with you.

This makes a wonderful breakfast, or after school treat.

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AHG Merit Badge Help – Best Me I Can Be #9

Sleep is an important part of each of our lives, or it should be.  Sleep deprivation in children can cause poor academic performance, irritability, lack of coordination, and it can slow their growth.  In adults, chronic sleep deprivation can contribute to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And while we may like to sleep in on Saturday, there is no way to make up for sleep we have lost.

A good sleep routine is important for all of us.  AHG includes the need for sleep in the Best Me, I Can Be Merit Badge.  In order to be your best, you need sleep. Continue reading

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This Little Piggy Went to Market

Included in my recent knitting adventures is this adorable pig.

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Crochet Purple Baby Hat

Just when you thought I was done knitting purple baby hats for Period of Purple Crying, I decided to throw in a crocheted hat.  My crochet skills are still in their infancy, so you know this is a very simple hat to create.  Continue reading

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Chevron Purple Baby Hat

Today’s Period of Purple Crying hat is a delicate white and purple chevron pattern. Whether you are knitting for charity purposes, or for a little one in your life. This pattern is certain to fit the bill. Continue reading

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Little Flower Hat

I discovered a free pattern for a flower hat on Ravelry.  I absolutely fell in love with the pattern.

So many of the hats I have found are similar to others.  They have a ribbed brim (either 2×2 or 1×1), a stockinette body and a simple decrease in the crown.  Ewelina Murach showed a ton of creativity when designing this pattern.  It features a delicate six petal flower on the crown. Continue reading

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Striped Newborn Hat

Are you tired of purple hats yet?  I’m not.  There are so many different styles of hats available, that I will never grow tired.  Continue reading

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