Knit for Missions

Easter DishclothDo you love hand knitted dishcloths as much as I do? I have used them exclusively in my kitchen and around the house for several years now.  No more slimy sponges around here.  It seems that I am not the only one.
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Waterproof Fire Starters

With spring upon us, now is a great time to camp. No campout would be complete without a fire.  Requirement #14 of the Fire Safety and Fire Building merit badge, has the girls build waterproof fire starters.  I decided to test a few methods and see how they worked.

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Let There Be Love

While Nat King Cole was not the inspiration for my most recent canvas painting, after completing it, I was reminded of one of his songs “Let There be Love”.  LoveDo you remember the line “Let there be birds singing in the tree”? Continue reading

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More doll clothes

Almost a year ago, I began a small Etsy shop.  With my recent move and family commitments associated with that, my Etsy shop has not been a primary focus for me.  Now that things are starting to settle down, I am wanting to expand my shop.

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Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacoThe other day, I was craving shrimp tacos and realized I had not shared this recipe with you. Continue reading

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Chevron Infinity Scarf

Chevron infinity scarfRecently, I had the opportunity to test knit the newest creation from Stana’s Critters, a beautiful chevron infinity scarf.  Continue reading

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AHG Badge Help – Women Inventors

Women InventorI’m sure you have heard the story of Ruth Wakefield, who accidentally “invented” chocolate chips cookies one day when she was making a batch of cookies and did not have any bakers chocolate. Without her we would not have Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Continue reading

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