Snowman Ornaments


Recently I participated in a homemade ornament SWAP.  Because I waited until the last minute, I needed a really quick project to complete that was budget friendly.  These adorable snowman were perfect. Continue reading “Snowman Ornaments”


Homemade Clay Ornaments


I was super excited to have my nieces spend a week with me over Christmas break.  Together we made home-made ornaments for the tree.

The week before they arrived I made a batch of Air Dry Clay (see the recipe below).  I used an assortment of cookie cutters that I had in my collection to cut the different shapes.  When they arrived, I pulled out my acrylic craft paint and some brushes.  Each one is as unique as they are, and it worked at the various skill level of the girls.  After the paint was dry, I hot glued an ornament hook to the back and they were ready to hang. Continue reading “Homemade Clay Ornaments”

For the Birds


I recently painted this picture for above the fireplace.  Inspired by a recent Pinterest find, I was determined to create one of my own.

Most of it was done free-hand.  I did “cheat” and use a template for the heart, birds and bird house.  I have received a ton of compliments on the painting and the best part is it was free.

I was able to recycle an old canvas, and with enough paint cover it up.  The great thing about this type of project is, if you don’t like it, or change your mind, just paint over it.

The one piece of advice I can give you, is use a paint pen to create the heart and initials.  This made the task much easier and provided me with uniform width letters.