A New View

Last week I shared the changes we made to my daughter’s room.  It was a great time for us to be able to finish the Home Decorating Merit Badge.  Here is a peek at the window treatment she made to go with her Denim and Lace Rag Quilt. Continue reading “A New View”


Spring Break in Washington DC

I have had several requests to update my list of badge requirements that can be covered while in the DC area.  With the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival and Spring Break around the corner, I thought now would be a great time.

Having family in the DC area has allowed us to visit on multiple occasions.  Every time we go we find something we missed before.  There is so much to do, that it is not possible to visit all of the places. But as you go to some of our nations landmarks, including badge work can make the trip a little more exciting, especially for non-history buffs. Continue reading “Spring Break in Washington DC”

I Spy Bottles

When helping our Tenderhearts complete the Stick Shifts and Safety Belts merit Badge, we created “I Spy” bottles.

Our troop has a very diverse group of Tenderhearts. This made creating a travel game a little more challenging.  My non-reading first grader would not enjoy finding license plates. My only child from a single parent home would not enjoy playing Tic-tac-toe by herself.  It is important to consider the girls and their needs.


Continue reading “I Spy Bottles”

AHG Badge Help – Home Decorating #10

What can be more fun than re-decorating your bedroom for a young girl.  While helping my daughter with this badge over the summer this Explorer requirement caught my eye.

The requirement gives the option of creating a miniature model or using a piece of computer software.  I found a great website that allows you to decorate and shop for furnishings all in one place. Continue reading “AHG Badge Help – Home Decorating #10”