Denim and Lace Rag Quilt

Recently my daughter’s room got a makeover.  A fresh coat of paint, new bedding, window treatments and a few new decor items.  The rugged denim paired with the softer lace matches her personality to a tee.  She prefers to wear jeans and boots whenever possible, but still has a soft feminine side.

The first major project for her room was this rag quilt.

We had a box of old jeans we had been collecting that were not able to be donated to the local charity shop because they were in rough shape, but they were perfect for this project.  Paired with yellow flannel and some lace, the quilt quickly began to take shape.

Instead of the traditional square block like I used in my first rag quilt (here), this time I we used 5×8 blocks.  A 5×8 index card worked as our template as we determined the best spot on the pants leg to cut the block from.  The back is solid denim. And sandwiched between the layers are smaller pieces of quilt batting.

The final quilt is pretty heavy, but she loves it.  Warmth, comfort and love can always be felt while snuggled under a quilt such as this.


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