Bumble Bee Hat

Last week I shared the Little Flower Hat featuring a beautiful ribbon rose (here).  The original pattern showed a few variations that sparked my creativity.

I have seen other bee hats on Pinterest, but none of the patterns were free. With a few tweaks to Marji LaFreniere’s original pattern, I had my own Bumble Bee Hat. Continue reading “Bumble Bee Hat”


Baby Hat

If the Big Bow Hat is not your style, and you prefer a more subtle flair, check out this adorable baby bow hat.

I began with a free pattern I found online here. This cute hat used a little bit of contrasting yarn to create a huge wow factor.  The bow was super easy to make, but a little plain compared to the Big Bow Hat.

If I were to knit this again, I think I would merge the two hats together and create a small bow in the style of the large one.

Happy Knitting!

Big Bow Hat

Every little girl needs a bow in her hair. So on winter months when it’s cold outside, why not put the bow on her hat.

Today’s hat was designed by Casey.  The free pattern can be found on her blog here.

The best thing about the newborn hats I’ve been knitting lately is they use very little yarn. I have been able to use up my drawer full of little bits of yarn.

Happy Knitting