Little Flower Hat

When I began knitting my current set of baby hats, I knew this one had to be included.  The ribbon rose on top of this hat, makes it absolutely adorable.

I began with a free pattern designed by Marji LaFreniere.  The hat itself is pretty straight forward. Knitting in the round creates a rolled brim.  The hat also features a simple K2tog decrease.  What sets this hat apart from so many others that I have done is the ribbon rose on top.    I was a little skeptical about the rose reading over the instructions, but with a little patience it came together nicely.

If you are looking to knit your own creation, the free pattern can be found here.  The pattern included other variations and color patterns that I wish I had time to knit before the project deadline.  I will definitely be saving these for another day.

Happy Knitting!


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