Garden cake

Everything is growing great! This year for my daughter’s birthday she requested a garden.

My daughter’s green thumb did not come from me. I think she inherited it from her great-grandmother (that gene definitely skipped a few generations). She has a passion for anything green. So when she requested a garden cake, I was happy to oblige.  This is the closest I will ever get to a weed-free garden full of goodies. Continue reading “Garden cake”


Cornbread cake

cornbread cakeCornbread cake? You heard me right.  My aunt sent me a group of family favorite recipes last year and this was one of them.  I could not get past the name.  Well, fast forward to last month… while visiting my aunt she made this cake.  It is now a must in my collection. I have made it twice since I’ve been home.

It is easy to make (which is always a plus).  And it has the perfect balance of sweetness.  It does not need frosting, but it is not overly sweet. It would be perfect for a brunch.  Continue reading “Cornbread cake”