AHG Badge Help – Dawn of Our Country, Tenderheart #5

Did you know that today is American Eagle Day? Today we recognize the day that the bald eagle was added to the official seal of the United States in 1782.

Tenderheart requirement #5 of the Dawn of Our Country badge looks at this national symbol. The eagle represents freedom, strength and honesty. Continue reading “AHG Badge Help – Dawn of Our Country, Tenderheart #5”


AHG Badge Help – Dawn of Our Country, Tenderheart #4

With the new badge book in hand, I thought it was time to rewrite some of my previous badge helps to correspond to the new handbook.

Today we are looking at the five-pointed star, also known as a pentagram, found on the American flag.  Can you imagine our flag with a six-pointed star instead of the five-pointed star? It just does not seem right.

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Spring Break in Washington DC

I have had several requests to update my list of badge requirements that can be covered while in the DC area.  With the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival and Spring Break around the corner, I thought now would be a great time.

Having family in the DC area has allowed us to visit on multiple occasions.  Every time we go we find something we missed before.  There is so much to do, that it is not possible to visit all of the places. But as you go to some of our nations landmarks, including badge work can make the trip a little more exciting, especially for non-history buffs. Continue reading “Spring Break in Washington DC”

Our Heritage #19

Homeschooling and American Heritage Girls has sparked an interest in history. Our Patriots recently completed the Our Heritage merit badge.  Requirement #19 has them create a timeline of events between the founding of our country and the start of the Civil War. Each girl selected one event to research and share with the unit.  We then compiled the pictures they brought to create a timeline. Continue reading “Our Heritage #19”

Badge Help – Freedom Seekers #10

Who was John W. Anderson?  A quick Google search provided multiple answers.
  • Commodore John William Anderson was the longest serving captain of the SS United States
  • John W Anderson,  Automotive Hall of Fame member, and prolific inventor.
  • Sheriff John W Anderson (per Facebook)
  • John W Anderson,  veteran at the battle of San Jacinto
  • John W Anderson,  attorney at law
    and the list goes on.

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