A Bunny in my garden


Just in time for Easter, this little bunny has hopped off my knitting needles. Continue reading “A Bunny in my garden”


Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t love tacos.  They can be made with just about anything – chicken, beef, heck even shrimp (you have got to check out this recipe for Shrimp tacos with strawberry mango salsa).  Since they can be eaten with your hands, they are adored by young and old alike. While tacos are yummy, I think I will skip tasting this one and just add my keys and toss it into my bag.  Continue reading “Taco Tuesday”

Tea on the go

Nothing is better on a cold day, than a comforting cup of tea! This simple knit teabag pouch is perfect for carrying 2 or 3 tea bags and a couple of packets of sugar. No more searching at the bottom of my bag for a tea bag.  Now everything I need is together.

I found a free pattern written by Julie Tarsha.  I used bits of leftover cotton yarn and in no time my tea bag pouch was complete.  You can find the pattern at Simply Notable.com

Now I must run. It’s time to put my feet up, and enjoy a cup of tea.