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Not So Wordless Wednesday

Wednesdays are usually devoted to a photo that I have taken that I thought you might enjoy.  Today, I thought I would change it up.  While browsing Facebook this weekend I found something very disturbing. Personally, I have issues with … Continue reading

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Summer 2019

Summer is almost over. It has been a crazy couple of months at my house. First, my son graduated and enlisted in the Army. We are preparing for his last days at home as he prepares to head to basic … Continue reading

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Get ready, cause here I come!

Well, January is more than half way through and the crazy holiday season is long over, yet my projects and commitments continue to grow. But hang on to your hat, I am determined to make my blog a higher priority … Continue reading

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Two days till Christmas…

Here it is two days till Christmas and the knitting is not done. If only my dog was as talented as Garfield, I would have nothing to worry about.

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When life does not go as you planned…

The past few months have been a time in my life, where nothing went as planned.  Over the summer I had high hopes of completing a list of projects.  We had trips planned and knitting projects ready.  But the Lord … Continue reading

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Olympic Inspired Knitting Projects

Yes, I know the Olympics are over, but I have been developing this post for a while and am finally ready to share it with you. While the world was watching the opening ceremony and discussing the joining of the … Continue reading

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How to Survive Hospital Waiting Rooms

My life is always one full of adventure, some planned, but mostly not. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day, my family has supported the local doctors and hospitals. I have sat in the surgical waiting room 6 times, I have … Continue reading

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