Not So Wordless Wednesday

Wednesdays are usually devoted to a photo that I have taken that I thought you might enjoy.  Today, I thought I would change it up.  While browsing Facebook this weekend I found something very disturbing.

Personally, I have issues with toilet seat covers. They are a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty stuff – but why would you buy a used one!!!  Once you get past the idea of a used toilet seat cover, I want to point out a few flaws with this item…

  1. Notice the dark stain on the rear of the seat.
  2. This item appears to be a toilet lid cover that someone has cut a hole in and placed on the seat – notice the ragged edges.
  3. If you look closely you will notice a wad of what appears to be paper in the bottom of the commode.
  4. $15 – you can purchase a new one on Amazon without stains for less than that.

What is this world coming too!  Really people! With Coronavirus going around you think this was a good idea!




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