Flo the Flamingo

With Covid-19 going on, it does not look like there will be any trips to the beaches of Florida anytime soon.  So instead, I thought I would bring a piece of the beach to me.  So sitting on the bookcase is Flo the Flamingo.

I found this cute free pattern (the best kind really) online.  It was designed to be stuffed with a large bouncy ball, but since I did not have one available and did not have the patience to wait for one to be ordered, I opted to stuff her with Poly-fil.  This option also makes gauge a non-issue.

The neck includes an internal pipe cleaner for a more realistic bend.  The wings have a nice picot border giving them a ruffled look.  And the legs were simple I-cords with knots for knees and a slightly larger foot.

Happy Knitting


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