Birthday Camping Cake

I am always looking for an excuse to make a cake these days.  Here is my latest creation.  A birthday cake for a dear friend who loves AHG and camping.

Several days before her birthday, I made the fondant decorative pieces.

The tent was created with two graham crackers and a little royal icing.  After “gluing” the crackers together with royal icing, I draped a piece of blue fondant over the top and trimmed to fit.

I free-handed the trees with a pairing knife. Using a veining tool I added a little dimension.  The addition of forest green petal dust also helped.

Since there was no way I could add the correct number of candles to the top of this small cake, I settled for three.  I began by rolling my fondant thin and cutting a 2 inch circle.  A blob of brown fondant was added to the center to help hold the candles in place.  The rocks were created from a mixture of black and white fondant (creating marbled gray rocks).  The logs were made from brown fondant and everything was glued together with a little gum paste glue.

Ahead of time I made the Happy Birthday sign on the front of the cake.  I used a wood veining mat to add texture and a black food safe marker to write the words.

On her birthday I was able to quickly assemble the cake. Two 8 inch cakes were stacked and iced.  I used tip #233 to create a grass border and the fondant was added.

My favorite thing about using fondant decorations, is the majority of the work can be done ahead of time. And they are quick to assemble.Save







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