Gum Paste Glue

The other day I received a phone call from my sister.  She was working on a cake for my niece’s birthday. This was to be her first fondant cake. She had been to several stores in search of gum paste glue, and was getting frustrated because no one had any in stock.

Gum paste glue is used anytime you adhere two pieces of fondant (or gum paste) together.  And much to my sister’s surprise you can actually make it.

Begin with 1 tablespoons of warm water in a small resealable container.  Take a pea size piece of white gum paste and cut it into as many tiny pieces as you possibly can.  Add the gum paste to the water and stir until most of it has dissolved. Use a small brush to apply the glue to the fondant pieces.

If you do not have any gum paste on hand, fondant can be substituted.  The glue can be stored for one week. But should be replaced to avoid bacteria growth.

I used gum paste glue in the hydrangea cluster above to attach the wires to each piece and to join the centers with the petals.




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