Bumble Bee Hat

Last week I shared the Little Flower Hat featuring a beautiful ribbon rose (here).  The original pattern showed a few variations that sparked my creativity.

I have seen other bee hats on Pinterest, but none of the patterns were free. With a few tweaks to Marji LaFreniere’s original pattern, I had my own Bumble Bee Hat.

Rows 1-10: Black
Rows 11-14: yellow
Rows 15-18: black
Rows 19-22: yellow
Rows 23-26: black
Rows 27-30: yellow
Row 31: switch back to black and begin decrease.
Continue decrease until 6 stitches remain.

Place three stitches on a scrap piece of yarn and set aside.  With the remaining 3 live stitches knit 1″ of I-cord, then cast off.  Pick up the 3 stitches set aside and knit another 1″ of I-cord.

When weaving in ends, sew the gap between the two pieces of I-cord together.

Happy Knitting!


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