Personalized Pillowcase

As I shared in November, Lily wanted purple zebra room. She also wanted LOTS of pillows on her bed. Have you priced pillows lately? Well I was not thrilled at what I found, so I decided to get crafty.


We had an extra pillow case that came with a set of sheets, so I claimed it and with less less than $1.50, I was able to make this for her.

At the craft store I purchased a sheet of zebra print felt ($0.99) and one-forth of a yard of light weight Wonder Under ($0.37 on sale). I only used about half of the Wonder Under but knew I could use it for other projects.

When I came home I ironed the Wonder Under to the felt according to the directions on the package, being careful not to melt the felt. Then using my Cricut I cut letters from the felt. This was only partially successful and did not cut the letters all the way through. So I used a pair of sharp scissors to finish cutting the letters.  I then used the iron to attach the letters to the pillow case.

If/when I do this again, I will print the letters on regular paper in a large font and use the paper letters as a pattern to cut the felt letters. Also, I used the full piece of felt with little waste. If you have more letters additional sheets of felt would be needed.

If you like zebra print check out the matching dish I made for her dresser here.


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