Music Note Dishcloth

My latest set of dishcloths is for my Patriot Co-leader.  She is a wonderful woman to work with and also serves as my daughter’s piano teacher.

I found three musically inspired dishcloths to make a set. The first pattern I found was a set of eighth notes.

music notesI found this free pattern by Rhonda White here See update below. 

It was a quick knit with my trusty size 6 needles and 54 yards of Sugar n’ Cream Hot Purple yarn.

Happy knitting

UPDATED 12/2016: It seems that Rhonda White has removed her pattern and it is no longer available.

UPDATED 12/2019:  Thanks to a loyal reader, the pattern can be found on the Wayback Web Archive HERE.



4 thoughts on “Music Note Dishcloth

  1. I want to do the music notes but can’t find the pattern.
    When I click on the ‘here’ button, it won’t take me to it.

    Kathy Biggs

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