Zebra Bowl

In preparation for our move I am preparing to redecorate the kids bedrooms. Lily has decided she wants a purple zebra room. My first little project for her room was a bowl for her to put little things in such as coins, jewelry or any of the little things she does not want to lose.

It all began with a miniature ceramic dish I picked up at the dollar store. I have seen many projects on Pinterest that used a Sharpie to decorate dishes. After some research, I noticed that there were many complaints that the item did not stand up to being washed in the dishwasher. Since that was not an issue I decided to continue.

Using a fine marker I drew a zebra pattern in the bottom of the dish and then baked it at 375* for 45 minutes. I allowed it to cool overnight in the oven.  The next morning I hand washed it. Lily loves it!

Zebra bowl



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