AHG Merit Badge Helps – Dawn of Our Country #18

In preparation for an upcoming multi-troop event, I led a Badge Bash for our Pioneer and Patriot girls.  We focused on the Dawn of Our Country Merit badge.

We discussed the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the great sacrifices our founding fathers made. Continue reading “AHG Merit Badge Helps – Dawn of Our Country #18”


AHG Badge Helps – Our Constitution #1

Our Constitution

This summer has renewed my love for teaching. Between summer camp, badge bashes and day camp, I have had plenty of opportunities.  In preparing to teach the classes, I am learning a ton! Hopefully some of the resources I found will help you.

Our Constitution is one of the newer AHG badges.  In my opinion, it is a pretty tough badge to earn especially at the Pioneer / Patriot level.  But it is very important that we learn the history of our country.  Continue reading “AHG Badge Helps – Our Constitution #1”