Texas SWAP

One of my favorite parts of summer camp is SWAPS. My inner child, loves the idea. As a badge counselor I end up making a different SWAP for each day. When my OCD, type A personality meets my crafty side it is “go big or go home”. Leading up to camp I make several hundred SWAPS. (If I have totally lost you, go here before reading on).

My first SWAP represents my home troop. Living in Texas, the possibilities are endless. One day while surfing around Pinterest I stumbled upon cute crochet star. Knowing my crochet skills are still in their infancy I headed to YouTube for a step by step tutorial. Grabbing my hook and a skein of yellow yarn, I got to work. After about 5 stars I found a rhythm and began to pick up steam. The only issue I had with these was they had to be blocked.

Next came the tag. To my horror I discovered my children had never heard the song “Deep in the heart of Texas”, or understood why I was clapping in between lines of the song. Don’t worry the situation has been resolved, and their education is complete.

If you are interested in making this SWAP, or just need a crocheted star for your next project, check out this YouTube video. A pdf version of the tags can be downloaded here. Print them on cardstock and add a safety pin. All that is left to do is write your name and troop number on the back.

Looking for other SWAPS, a list of my SWAPS can be found here (at the bottom of the page).





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