Entrelac Dishcloth

Have you tried Entrelac knitting?  It has been on my bucket list for a while, and this summer I bit the dust and was determined to learn how to create this amazing texture. 

I spent several days (read weeks) reading about Entrelac knitting.  There are many resources online to assist you in the process.  The best one I found was from Planet Purl.  She has a great YouTube video set that walks you through step by step.  There are 6 videos in total. Here is a link to the first video (here).

The instructions show a cast on of 15 stitches, but I knew I needed bigger, so I began with 30 stitches (the size of most of my dishcloths).  I very quickly realized that it would be too big, so I ripped it out and started over.

I found that a 20 stitch cast on worked great.  The video was easy to follow along with and pause it as needed.  If you haven’t tried entrelac, I highly encourage giving it a try.  I will definitely be using it again for a much larger project.

Happy Knitting







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