Picking the Right Ear of Corn

The other day while at the grocery store, I was stopped by another shopper and asked why was I looking inside each ear of corn. She had seen someone else do the same thing and did not understand why. Let me explain how to pick the right (or should I say left) ear of corn.

Believe it or not, these two ears of corn were found at the same store, and purchased the same day.  From the outside, these two ears looked the same.  It was not until I peeled back the husk a little, that I realized they were not the same.

As you can see the first ear is fully ripe and the kernels are plump.  The right ear, is not so good.  The top of the ear has not matured and is likely not as sweet.

Sometimes when you peak inside you will find that the kernels have started to dry out.  This indicates that it is not very fresh, and a significant amount of time has passed since it was picked.

Long story short, when you buy fresh corn at the super market, peak inside each ear before adding it to your cart.




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