Holey Hat


Have you seen these ponytail hats?  Unlike a regular hat, there is room for a ponytail or bun to come through the hole?

A friend asked if I would make some to donate and I was happy to help.  I had some bulky yarn in my stash that needed a project, and I’m always looking for a different pattern than I have used before.  Not saying that I haven’t found some great patterns, but rather, I like something different every time.


I began with a free pattern I found on Ravelry (here). However, I failed to follow directions.  The pattern calls for a 1×1 rib, and I knitted a 2×2 rib.  It was not until halfway through the second hat that I realized my mistake, but since it worked I kept going.

The hole in the top uses a loose bind off.  I opted to use “Grandma’s Favorite Bind-off”.  I found a tutorial for it on youtube (here).

Happy Knitting.









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