AHG Badge Help – Let’s Talk #4


Communication is an important part of everyone’s life. No wonder American Heritage Girls has devoted an entire badge to it.

How we communicate is ever changing.  Gone are the days to slipping hand written notes into each other’s locker.  The youth of today now use hi-tech devices. And these are becoming available to children of all ages.  Why not take a minute to have fun sharing how we communicated with out friends back in the “dark ages” – The one before internet.

Did you ever create secret codes to send messages?  I did. In elementary school I remember creating a “club” with my friends and of course NO BOYS ALLOWED was our motto.

I have created an easy printable to help the girls complete requirement #4 of the Let’s Talk Merit Badge.  Just click on the image below to download the pdf file.  Be sure to print one copy for each girl.


NOTE: The requirements have been simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the American Heritage Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements







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