Owl Be…

As an American Heritage Girls I’ll be compassionate, helpful, honest, loyal, perseverant, pure, resourceful, respectful, responsible and reverent”

I love the American Heritage Girls Creed. But today I’m changing it read “Owl be compassionate…

AHG Owl SWAP | Life of Momma BI needed another SWAP so I created these. I made these from Scupley Oven-bake clay. I created them in multiple colors, but they did not photograph well.

After kneading the clay to soften it, I rolled it into a thin sheet. Using a scalloped circle cutter from my daughter’s play dough set I cut out pieces. Using the tip of a thin marker I created little impressions. I folded the sides in and pinched the top corners to create ears.  Next into the oven they went.

After they cooled, I glued a flat back safety pin onto the back.  I created a set of tags to go with them.  One for each of the ten elements of the creed.  I was then able to write my name and troop number onto the back of the slips of paper.

If you would like to use my tags, download and print this pdf file. (AHG Owl Swap tags printable pdf)

Inspiration for the owls came from 4 Crazy Kings.



4 thoughts on “Owl Be…

  1. what a cute idea, and owls are so popular right now. Getting my ideas together for the swaps at convention in June

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