The Wise, Not-So-Old, Owl

When I think of owls, I associate them with wisdom.  What about you?  Archimedes, from the Sword and the Stone, guides young Merlin.  Winnie the Pooh always seeks the advice of his friend Owl. And lets not forget Woodsy Owl, the icon for the US Forest Service, that told us to “Give a hoot — don’t pollute!”

When given the opportunity to test knit this adorable owl by Stana Sortor, I jumped at the chance.  The pattern included a blanket, zippered bag and a stuffed owl.  I tested the stuffed owl.  Continue reading “The Wise, Not-So-Old, Owl”

Owl Always Be Your Friend

Before February is over, I wanted to share one last Valentine’s Day idea with you. While I realize that you will not need the idea any time soon, maybe you could pin it unto Pinterest so you can find it next year when you do need it. Or maybe you will find it while searching the internet.

My daughter’s AHG troop exchanged Valentine’s within her unit. We loved this, for as a homeschooler we have not regularly exchanged Valentine’s among friends and classmates. Instead of the regular store-bought cheesy cards, we opted to make some. In my search I have found several ideas that involved wrapping a box of confectionary hearts but none of them seemed right for us. So I was determined to make one that she liked.

Owl always be your friend Continue reading “Owl Always Be Your Friend”