The Wise, Not-So-Old, Owl

When I think of owls, I associate them with wisdom.  What about you?  Archimedes, from the Sword and the Stone, guides young Merlin.  Winnie the Pooh always seeks the advice of his friend Owl. And lets not forget Woodsy Owl, the icon for the US Forest Service, that told us to “Give a hoot — don’t pollute!”

When given the opportunity to test knit this adorable owl by Stana Sortor, I jumped at the chance.  The pattern included a blanket, zippered bag and a stuffed owl.  I tested the stuffed owl. 

#5 knitting dpn needles
Worsted weight yarn in an assortment of colors (I used approximately 50 yards gray, 20 yards red, 11 yards blue and less than 5  yards of white and orange).
Polyester fiberfill
Yarn needle
Pattern: available on Ravelry (here).

The main body of the owl is knit in the round (which I definitely prefer).  The wings, eyes and beak were knit separately and then attached.  As much I as loved this stuffed toy, I hope to knit the bag in the near future.


2 thoughts on “The Wise, Not-So-Old, Owl

    1. The toy could be knitted with a circular needle, if you used the magic loop technique. The body is knit in rounds as one piece and the wings and accents are knitted flat and sewn into place.

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