AHG Merit Badge Help – Dawn of Our Country #4

I am not sure which merit badge frontier I enjoy most. I learn so much from the Heritage Frontier.  But I do enjoy the creativity that goes with the Arts Frontier. And when the two overlap, I am delighted.

Today we are looking at the five-pointed star, also known as a pentagram, found on the American flag.  Can you imagine our flag with a six-pointed star instead of the five-pointed star? It just does not seem right.

According to legend, the original flag was designed with a 6 pointed star.  It was not until Betsy Ross, demonstrated how easily a 5 pointed star could be cut that it was even considered.

To help you learn how to cut a five-pointed star here is a YouTube video (here).   The US History.org webpage also contains detailed pictures on how to create one.  (here).

Occasionally I have noticed some duplication of badge requirements.  Did you know that the Pen and Paper merit badge requirement #4 also has the girls learn to cut a star?

If you are looking for additional merit badge helps for Dawn of Our Country please check out these posts:

NOTE: The requirements have been simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the American Heritage Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.


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