A Parliament

Merriam Webster defines parliament as a “the group of people who are responsible for making the laws in some kinds of government.”  They seem to have forgotten that a group of owls is also known as a parliament. I could really ramble on about the irony of the “wise old owl” and any part of government, but I will not.

Owls free knitting pattern | Life of Momma BI made this parliament of owls using scraps of yarn in my stash and a free pattern I found on Ravelry.

Using #8 double point needles, I was able to whip up these cuties in a hurry.  The top is closed with a Kitchener stitch, creating a nice smooth finish. The only change I made to the pattern using the jogless-stripe method to change colors. The slow part of the project was sewing on the felt eyes and beak.

I love how these guys turned out. I can’t wait to find an excuse to knit up some more.

Happy Knitting.

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