More Canvas Signs

Have you ever made something that you were proud of. I was so pleased with how the first two canvases I had made had turned out, I wanted to make one for each of my nieces.

This time I opted to make smaller signs.  These are each 10×10.  I purchased them in a multi-pack for $1 each.  With the addition of some inexpensive acrylic paint and a couple of hours of my time, I was able to create personalized gifts for each of them.

I picked a verse that matched each of their personalities and colors to match their bedrooms.  The font is also different on each of them.  On the first and last I used Lucida Calligraphy. The center one is for my youngest niece and I chose Comic Sans.

For detailed instructions see my previous post (Canvas Signs Made Easy).  With this type of project, the possibilities are endless.


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