Glenic Hat

My oldest niece, who is now 12, requested a hat and fingerless mitt set for her birthday (which was at the end of March).  Now that she has received her gift, I can share it with you.

Glenic Hat | Life of Momma BI loved how the hat turned out.  The brim is made of a simple 1×1 rib stitch that is folded up.  The body of the hat is a modified rib, creating a lovely textured pattern that carries all the way up to the top through the decrease.

The hat was made from a free pattern I found at Knit Spirit.  It is also available in French, if you are so inclined. The only drawback I see to the pattern is that I was not able to print it.  But, it was easy enough to be able to write in on a piece of paper and carry with me as I knitted.

I will share the matching gloves next week. (HERE)

Happy Knitting.



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