Had a Blast at Camp – a SWAP

The theme for this years summer camp was “launching a new beginning”.  I wanted at least one of my SWAPS to reflect the theme, so I made these tiny rockets out of oven-baked clay. Continue reading “Had a Blast at Camp – a SWAP”


Blueberry Pie

Today is National Blueberry Pie Day. So in honor of this bizarre holiday I present you my daughter’s blueberry pie.

blueberry pie craft | Life of Momma BMy daughter loves her American Girl doll. In addition to the dolls she has an assortment of clothes, and accessories.  We have found that named brand items are ridiculously expensive. While we do own some American Girl brand accessories, some of her items are knock-offs, and others are homemade. Continue reading “Blueberry Pie”

Let’s Build a Snowman

Last week I admitted I have an obsession with snowmen (here). Living in Florida we will not be building any snowmen any time soon, but many of you are living in snow-covered areas. When I saw “Build a Snowman Kit” on Pinterest I knew I had to make one. Thankfully, my sister lives in an area that does get snow.

Build a snowman(Please excuse the box “snowman head”, Florida does not get much snow).

The kit was easy to make but I could not get the words to “Frosty the Snowman” out of my head. Corn-cob pipes are not politically correct but I did keep the eyes made out of coal. I guess the buttons could also be for a nose, but I think the carrot is more traditional. I included two scarves and two sets of buttons to allow for some variety. Continue reading “Let’s Build a Snowman”