Blueberry Pie

Today is National Blueberry Pie Day. So in honor of this bizarre holiday I present you my daughter’s blueberry pie.

blueberry pie craft | Life of Momma BMy daughter loves her American Girl doll. In addition to the dolls she has an assortment of clothes, and accessories.  We have found that named brand items are ridiculously expensive. While we do own some American Girl brand accessories, some of her items are knock-offs, and others are homemade.

Recently while dining at Cracker Barrel, she decided that the metal jelly container would make a perfect pie plate.  What could be easier than blueberry pie.

She brought home a jelly container, that we washed completely.  Next she got out the oven baked clay that we have used for several other projects.  She began with the beige clay and rolled a piece thin.  This became the crust on the bottom of the pie. Then she rolled the blue clay into small balls to represent the blueberries. To top off the pie she used the beige clay to create a lattice top. The project was then baked according to the package directions.

Once it cooled she was off to play.


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