Up the Stairs Dishcloth

I love knitting dishcloths. They are quick and inexpensive projects that keep my hands busy. Recently while cleaning out my camera I realized I forgot to share this great set with you.

fruit punch dishcloth set

While these patterns were not originally a set, and were designed by different people, I was able to turn them into a set because they all were approximately the same size.

The first pattern (top left corner) is Up The Stairs Dishcloth by Judith Prindle.

Up the stairs Dishcloth

This one knitted up in a flash. Once you got the hang of the pattern the instructions were no longer needed.  A copy of the pattern can be found here.

Other patterns included in the set included Closed Waffle Knit, a Double Bump, and a Fleck Stitch pattern. These will be published soon.


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