AHG Merit Badge Help – Living in the USA #5

Recently our troop lost our Tenderheart Unit leader due to her husband being relocated with his job.  So, I have been promoted to Tenderheart Unit Leader.  I must admit, working with 1st and 2nd graders after spending so much time with high school girls is a pretty drastic change.  But we are having fun!!!

Right now we are working on the Living in the USA merit badge.  That means we all get to wear our cowboy boots and hats while learning about Texas.  Who says it doesn’t match the official American Heritage Girls uniform?  Cowboy boots go with everything!

Optional requirement #5, has us looking at the weather for our state, and discussing what we wear.  To help our troop complete this requirement, I created a worksheet that allowed them to write a sentence or two about the weather and color clothes on a doll.  One of my Tenderhearts drew her doll with her favorite purple sweater and a hat. And yes, that is a pompom on the hat.

I have altered the wording to remove the reference to Texas so that troops around the country could use the same page.  To download a copy of the worksheet, click on the image below.

If you are looking for additional merit badge helps for Living in the USA, check out these blog posts:

NOTE: The requirements have been simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.


One thought on “AHG Merit Badge Help – Living in the USA #5

  1. Welcome to the Tenderheart level! I have been our Troop’s Co-coordinator the past 2 years and was hoping a spot would open up with our Explorers. But our Tenderheart leader is leaving, so I am going back to a level I know and love. Thanks for the paper dolls to color. I was planning on doing Living in The USA this fall with the girls. I’m looking forward to getting back into badge planning. I really missed that part when I was Co-Coordinator

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