If you give a mouse some yarn…

If you give Marisol the Mouse some yarn, she will likely ask for a pair of double point knitting needles. After digging through your supply bin, you find a pair that are not being used for one of your countless incomplete projects.

If you give Marisol the Mouse knitting needles, she will need a pattern. So off to the internet you go, checking all of your favorite sources. After countless hours you settle on a free pattern you found on Ravelry (here). You graciously print the pattern and give it to Marisol the mouse with a smile.

And if you give Marisol the Mouse the free Ravelry pattern, she will insist on more yarn. In addition to the gray yarn you provided originally, she needs a delicate pink to accent her features.  So… into the yarn closet you go, digging through the drawers of yarn you have stashed away, until at last you find the tiniest bit of light pink.

Content to work on her project Marisol the Mouse, knits away happily only to realize that she needs stuffing.  So, you stop what you are doing and go on the hunt for stuffing.  Yet the bag of stuffing is nowhere to be found, and at last you give up and decide to go purchase more stuffing.  Armed with your craft store coupon, you head to the store.  Once you arrive at the store you quickly become distracted by the yarn they have on sale, so you come home with the stuffing and a few extra skeins of yarn.

If you give Marisol the Mouse the stuffing, be sure to open it for her. Or in her excitement she might rip the bag of stuffing only to leave a giant mess.  And we all know that mice are not known for their neatness, leaving you to clean up the mess. Once the stuffing is out of the original packaging, it will never be contained in a small bag again, but multiplies exponentially in volume.

If you give Marisol the Mouse gray yarn, knitting needles, a pattern, pink yarn and stuffing she will most certainly ask for a yarn needle.  For we all know that every knitter enjoys weaving in the ends of all of her little pieces.  So you find your stash of needles: plastic ones, metal ones, small ones and big ones.  Marisol finds the needle she wants for this project.

If you give Marisol the Mouse a yarn needle, it won’t be long until all of the pieces are assembled, but something is still off. EYES!!! Marisol the Mouse will need a pair of glass 6/0 beads for the eyes, for all mice have beady eyes, right? Predicting what will happen next along with the 2 black beads you also give her a spool of black thread and a sewing needle.

Now if you give Marisol the Mouse a pair of glass beads, in no time she will have created a most wonderful self-portrait of herself in knitted form.  Pleased with her project and her success she will ask for more yarn.


Just kidding, this was a great pattern. Hope you enjoy.  Happy knitting.  




One thought on “If you give a mouse some yarn…

  1. Such a cute story. You seem very imaginative. It’s what I aspire to, but fall short. I can’t wait to start some needle craft projects with my TH.

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