Family Room Makeover – part 6, More Shells

shells 1Earlier this year I shared several of the projects I did for my home in Florida.  Truth be told there are several more that I have yet to share.  Here is a set of canvas pictures I did for the Family Room. 

I created a set of three 10×10 canvases. Thanks to coupons and sales I was able to complete the entire set for about $5.

After creating a light blue and white background with acrylic paint, I traced the shell outlines with a paint pen.  (Detailed instructions for this technique can be found here.)

When I first hung them on the wall, I felt they were a little washed out, so I added a navy blue border to the edges.

It was a simple and inexpensive project.  I really need to find some new ideas to make for the new home in Texas.

To go to Family Room Makeover Part 1 click here





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