Fingerless Mitts

ligonberry mittsA couple of weeks ago the phone rang.  Caller ID identified the caller as my sister. Answering it as I usually do, I was surprised to hear the sweet voice of my niece on the other end.  “Aunt Rebecca, would you make me another pair of gloves?”  My heart swelled with pride.  How could I say no!

We talked for a little while and after deciding on a color, I sent her pictures of several patterns to choose from.  This is the pattern she selected.   A copy of the free pattern can be found on Ravely.

This pair of mitts is knitted differently than any others that I have made.  Usually I knit from the wrist to the fingers, these were knitted in the opposite direction.  It took me a little bit to wrap my brain around the idea of knitting it “backwards” and adding a pre-knitted thumb piece to the working piece.  Once I realized the direction of the knitting, I was set to go.

While this is not my favorite pattern, I doubt I will use it again.  I am glad to be able to share my talents with those I love, and would happily knit for my niece again.



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