Twelve months of dishcloths

In January I began knitting a set of twelve dishcloths for Christmas presents this year.  Not surprising to anyone but myself, I was up to the wire knitting.  I did complete 2 sets of dishcloths and most of the third. My poor sister received an IOU for the remaining dishcloths.

12 months of dishclothsAfter blocking each set, I placed them in a shirt box with a card. If you would like to use the card I included it is listed below along with links to the dishcloth patterns.  While writing up this post, I realized that I have failed to share all of the patterns with you so I will be sharing them in the next few weeks.

January – Snowflake in aqua blue

February – Heart in bright pink

March – Shamrock in lime green

April – Crosses in purple

May – Flower in blue

June – Butterfly in pink

July – Liberty bell in dark blue

August – Sun in yellow

September – Apple in red

October – Leaf in orange

November – Turkey in brown

December – Christmas tree in green

printable pdf – 12 months of dishcloths


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