February Dishcloth

As I shared in January, my goal for Christmas 2014 is to make several sets of dishcloths to give as gifts. Each set will have 12 dishcloths, one for each month. Instead of waiting till the end of the year to work on the project, I plan to knit a few each month so that by December, they will be complete. Well, enough rambling, here is the February installment of the set.

Heart dishcloth - 1

This pattern was designed by Emily Jagos and can be found here for free.

As always I used my size 6 needles so my finished project was a little smaller (8 inches x 8 inches). I choose “Bright Pink” by Peaches and Creme. I like the edging on this dishcloth. So often, dishcloths with images to not have much texture and this one solves that problem by adding a little extra texture around the edge.

Happy knitting!