Here it is the first day of 2015. I have officially rung in the New Year while sleeping. I’m getting too old to stay up all night. We planned to stay up with the kids but, somewhere along the way I drifted off to sleep.  Happy-New-Year-2015

2014 has been a long year.  My needles have been very busy.  I knitted over 6 miles of yarn (compared to 2013 when I knitted about 2 miles). I finished a blanket, 20 hats, 45 dishcloths, 30 toys and several other small items.  With the endless clacking of needles, I am behind on sharing these projects. I hope to be able to share them all with you soon.  I’m still trying to find the balance between knitting and blogging.  My passion for knitting is growing. This year I really want to learn how to cable.

At the end of 2013 we bought a house in Florida.  It is slowly becoming a home. To our disbelief, the home inspector missed several major problems and we have spent almost $10,000 in repairs.  This has left little money for decorating so I have had to get creative.  The kids / guest bath has been my major accomplishment.  I am pleased with how it turned out.

I have not been successful in sharing recipes with you.  You would think that all we ever eat is sweets. I promise it is not true.  It seems that when I get dinner ready the vultures are circling kids are ready to eat. And I am a bit picky, I hate to eat cold food, so photographing my food to be able to post them is not happening.  For the last 18 months when I have posted a recipe, I have also shared a printable recipe card.  It seems that no one is actually printing them so I have decided to save myself a little work and no longer make them available.

My daughter and I are loving our American Heritage Girl troop.  I am enjoying leading our Patriot girls.  They are a great group of girls and I see them growing into great Godly women.  My daughter is a third year Explorer and will be moving to Pioneers soon. We plan to attend the AHG 20th Anniversary National Convention in June. We are both so excited.  As much as my recipes have not made it to the blog, my AHG badge helps are falling even further behind.

While 2014 has been a year where I have not accomplished as much as I hoped. It has been a great year both personally and blog related.  Thank you for sharing a little slice of my life with me.

Happy New Year.


One thought on “2015

  1. Happy New Year! I made an infinity scarf with cables. They are not as hard as I thought they would be. I found a good tutorial on Youtube that made it easier. I want to focus on creating more projects this year as well. But you are right, it’s difficult to balance knitting and blogging, but I’m sure you will do well. Good luck with everything 🙂

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