Pineapple Cheese Casserole

Pinapple cheese casserolePineapple Cheese Casserole is a holiday favorite at my house.  You just don’t get much more southern than pineapple, cheese and Ritz crackers.

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Green Stuff

Have you ever seen a recipe, and thought “NO WAY”. Well, today I would like to share one of those type recipes. Growing up, my mom made a green gelatin salad every year for Christmas. Thankfully as a kid I did not realize what was in it, or I may not have eaten it. Cottage cheese and lime jello, are not a combination I would have tried.

We called it “green stuff”. When my mom gave me the recipe before I got married the recipe card said “green stuff”. I guess it is because my sister and I could not pronounce the word congealed or gelatin, who knows. But to help you I will call Green Gelatin Salad.

I’m not sure why we only had it at Christmas, I think it goes great for St. Patrick’s Day. I have found that green deserts are a little hard to find.

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Living in Florida and having wonderful neighbors means more oranges than I can use.  It seems that every couple of days they show up with another bag of oranges. While it has helped my grocery budget because I am not buying as much fruit, the kids are getting tired of them.  The solution – Ambrosia.

What is ambrosia you ask… According to Wikipedia it is a food of the Greek god’s that confers immortality to whoever eats it. While by no means will I claim that it gives immortality, I know it is loaded with Vitamin C.


Ambrosia has been a family favorite at Christmas time at my house for many years. My mother even had a special bowl we always put the ambrosia in. While I am not held to tradition, we have eaten several large bowls of ambrosia lately. It is a quick fruit salad to put together. Continue reading “Ambrosia”