Fall Pillows

Fall has officially arrived and I am happy that the weather is starting to cool off. This weekend I decided I needed a project so I decided to sew new pillow covers for my sofa.

Armed with 100+ Pinterest ideas, I headed to Hobby Lobby. Even though it was not the direction I was anticipating, I found some gorgeous fall fabric with an acorn theme.  It became the base for my design. I added some coordinating orange gingham and brown dotted fabric.

My pillow covers are simple pocket pillow cases – I prefer this style over the zipper ones, since they are easier and cheaper to make.  The front is one large square and the back is 2 smaller pieces that overlap to create the pocket.  The blank pillow form fits inside nicely.

I created a total of four pillow covers – 2 of each design.  On the first pair I used the acorn printed fabric with orange and brown pockets (the back is shown in the photo above).

The second pair had an acorn applique on the front of a cream colored square. The back was made from the acorn printed fabric. To help secure the applique, in addition to the iron-on adhesive, I added a blanket stitch using my machine.

I hope you like them as much I am.  Now on to my next project…



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