Internet Adventurer #19 – Virtual Tour

Internet Adventurer!  Considering the era we live in, it is no surprise the American Heritage Girls has an Internet Adventurer Badge.

The first step to earning this badge is downloading the requirements from the internet.  The AHG Girls Handbook has directions to download them from the AHG website or you can download them here.  It is important to note that the requirements have changed several times so please be sure you have the most recent copy of the requirements.

Requirement #19 has the girl complete a virtual tour of a historic landmark or national park.  To complete this requirement my daughter used Google Arts and Culture. She was able to take a virtual tour of Eleanor Roosevelt’s home. Here is a link to the site if you are interested in taking the same tour.  (HERE)

Google Arts and Culture has several other national parks that you can explorer.  Have fun searching the internet and being an internet adventurer.




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