Computer Fun #8

Computer Fun merit badge help | Life of Momma BLast spring I shared a printout to help girls at the Pioneer / Patriot Level complete the Computer Fun Merit Badge (HERE). So, I decided it was only fair to create one for the Explorers.

Requirement #10 has the girls research how computer programs are created and the purpose of different commonly used programs.  If you right-click the image below you will be able to save a pdf version of the handout I created to help complete this badge.   Continue reading “Computer Fun #8”

Computer Fun #15

Computer FunThe first step to learning any new skill is learning the terminology associated with it.  This rule applies to crafts, cooking, school and merit badges. Computer Fun aims to teach girls fundamental computer skills.  At the Pioneer / Patriot level, girls look at the internal workings of a computer and storage.

If you are working on this merit badge, print out the worksheet below and define the terms listed.  A great resource (other than Google) is  As a note to parents, there is ads on this site, but none of the ones I saw were questionable.  There is also a section on text slang and emoticons that was interesting. I have to admit, I already knew most of them and I am not always up on teenage lingo so they may not be up-to-date. Continue reading “Computer Fun #15”