Slovak Olympic Inspired Hat

Today I bring you the last hat in my Olympic Inspired Hat series – Slovakia

I have to admit I really did not know much about Slovakia before this.  It is a small country, but full of castles, and caves.  Located in the center of Europe, it is bordered by Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Before I began knitting up this hat, my husband claimed it for himself.  Being that he has a large head, both figuratively and literally, my hat has a slouchy appearance.  He also does not like pompoms on his hats, but a bright burgundy one would add a femine touch and more closely imitate the Olympic hat.  The pattern is knitted in the round 4 times.

If you are wanting a small, more snug fitting hat repeat the pattern 3 times and change the decrease to accommodate for fewer stitches.

To download the pattern, click on the link below.

Slovak Hat Inspired by the 2018 Olympic games

Happy Knitting!

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