Slovak Olympic Inspired Hat

Today I bring you the last hat in my Olympic Inspired Hat series – Slovakia

I have to admit I really did not know much about Slovakia before this.  It is a small country, but full of castles, and caves.  Located in the center of Europe, it is bordered by Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Before I began knitting up this hat, my husband claimed it for himself.  Being that he has a large head, both figuratively and literally, my hat has a slouchy appearance.  He also does not like pompoms on his hats, but a bright burgundy one would add a femine touch and more closely imitate the Olympic hat.  The pattern is knitted in the round 4 times. Continue reading “Slovak Olympic Inspired Hat”


Latvian Olympic Inspired Hat

Here is the second hat in my Olympic Hat Series.

While the Japanese were dressed in neon orange, the Latvian team was much more subtle with long-white parkas.  But, their hat was absolutely stunning and is what inspired this entire series.  I have simplified the complex design, into an easy knit.

This classic beanie style hat would also work in a variety of different color options.  It is worked in the round from the brim up.

To download the pattern, Continue reading “Latvian Olympic Inspired Hat”

Olympic Inspired Knitting Projects

Yes, I know the Olympics are over, but I have been developing this post for a while and am finally ready to share it with you.

While the world was watching the opening ceremony and discussing the joining of the North Korea and South Korea teams, the half-dressed flag bearer from Tonga, or the drone light display, I was drooling over the different hats worn by various countries in the parade of nations.

This has inspired me to develop a series of hats inspired by those worn at the 2018 Olympic Opening Ceremony.  This week, I will be highlighting three countries – Japan, Latvia and Slovakia.

Don’t worry there will be more countries added later this year, but my needles are currently full of baby hats for a local charity.

Happy Knitting!