Knitting SWAP

Just in case you have not figured it out by now, YES I AM CRAZY!!!  And I love creating SWAPS for multi-troop events.  To go with my PiPa Needle Arts Badge this summer, I made a knitting SWAP.

I got a few questions about these SWAPS?

  • You mean you can knit with toothpicks?  Yes, you can knit with just about any two round pointy objects.  (I have even seen a pair of square needles, but did not tell them that).
  • Did this take you forever to do?  It did take more time than I usually spend on my SWAPS.  This is definitely not a last-minute SWAP idea.
  • WHY would you do this?  1) I’m crazy. 2) My passion for knitting overflows into every area of my life. 3) Why not!!!

Just for the record, I did not actually knit these on toothpicks.  I found that the toothpicks were too rough and snagged the yarn.

I did use a skein of sock yarn and size 2 knitting needles.  To create these, I casted on 6 stitches and worked in a stockinette pattern for 6 rows. On the 7th row, I knitted 3 stitches and cut the yarn tail.  I then transferred 3 stitches onto each toothpick.  Using a dab of hot glue, I attached the knitting to the SWAP tag.

If you would like to use my SWAP tag, a copy can be downloaded here.  I printed them on cardstock and cut along the dotted lines.

Don’t forget to write your name and troop number on the back of the SWAP tag.

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